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“Every human being, every citizen has the right to request asylum under the declaration of human rights, under inter-American legislation, under our constitution or our law on foreigners. Snowden has the right to request asylum and it’s our country’s sovereign right to grant asylum or not. When the time comes we will decide.”

~ Ecuadorian President Rafael Corea

rebuffs threats from Washington

and Snowden’s pleas for asylum

Just 2 years after gaining independence, South Sudan depends largely on oil exports for sustenance. With reserves running low, it needs to diversify its economy.

With elections slated to happen in 7 months, the Egyptian army picks Finance Minister El-Beblawi as Premier.

Machiavelli says that it is better to be feared than loved, but the rabblerousers at Harvard say “be loved first, then feared.”

Eight years before Seal Team 6, Osama Bin Laden was pulled over for speeding in Pakistan. But those eight years brought us one kick-ass movie!

As the US prepares to leave Afghanistan (possibly with zero troops on the ground), isn’t it time we sat down and talked to the Taliban about our future apart?


best of the sunday times

Front Page
Mired in controversy, the NSA owes its immense power to monitor terrorists, arms dealers, and almost any foreign national from a secret court with an increasingly expansive role in interpreting rights to privacy and surveillance.

No longer stuck in the 1950s, Cubans begin spending to move their lives and economy forward.

Liz Cheney wants to be a senator, but her father’s party is telling this trust fund baby what it has told many spoiled political aspirants for the first time: you’re going to have to wait.

In a suffering economy, all 50 states now have burgeoning vineyards, helping to spur agriculture and tourism.

Arts & Leisure
On the heels of Netflix’s Arrested Development sequel, Michael Cera is taking his baby face to writing and directing.

Sunday Review
The Dalai Lama and many Fortune 500 CEOs do it, but can meditation make practitioners more moral?

The Lincoln Highway is now a patchwork of two-lane highways across the Northern United States, but a cross-country road trip on this old-school path offers a view less seen on a road less travelled.


Book Review

As many around the US and Europe begin to replace their piety with humanism, John Gray ¬†says “No, Sir” in his attack, Silence of the Animals.


Whether you hate the player or the game, Kurt Bardella is winning the game in Washington right now.

the devil’s town: the rent is too damn high

jimmy mcmillan

Is DC the next New York City? We’ll know when Jimmy McMillan (pictured above) moves his Rent is Too Damn High Party to Capitol Hill.

The DCist, NPR station WAMU report that the District has had the largest average increases for one- and two-bedroom apartments in the nation since 2009. These rent hikes come at a time when many residential areas are dropping their rent controls, sending formerly affordable housing through the roof.

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