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Front Page
According to science, kids like chocolate and other flavored cigars. So do mechanics, strippers, rappers, and everyone else.

Indecision and no good options has led to the failed US attempt to diffuse the Egyptian crisis.

In recent years, Kingston’s most violent neighborhoods have broken from Jamaica’s violent past.

Looking for a Masters degree? Get it online.

Arts & Leisure
Returning to comedy via Funny or Die, Chappelle is back.

Sunday Business
How Jeff Bezos’ past in business helps us know what to expect at the Washington post.

Sunday Review
Maureen Dowd on Hillary, the Clinton Foundation, and MONEY! Margaret Sullivan on the Clinton campaign in waiting.

The draw of California’s Mount Tamalpais for a recently-divorced writer.

With a struggling economy and increasing inequality, a debate on the merits of giving money directly to the poor.

Book Review
Three books that unearth the politics of our day and how our leaders see themselves.

Sports Sunday
Russel Baze is the winningest jockey you’ve never heard of. [awesome multimedia experience]


The Best of the Sunday Times

sunday times

“With Larry, my wife always says that it’s hard to be happy if you want to have the most money because you’ll never have the most money. He’s kind of been going about his life just on the basis of ‘who knows what’s going to come next?’ and just sort of maximizing his experiences, given the opportunities in front of him.”

~ Jeremy I. Bulow,

economics professor at Stanford,

friend and co-author of academic

papers with Larry Summers

Front Page
Larry Summers‘ tireless pursuit of wealth and influence, his Wall Street ties, and his general depth of both knowledge and experience are both an asset and a liability.

The Andean Yawar Fiesta, or Blood Festival, sees the tying of a angry condor to the back of an enraged bull.

Two high-profile, high-damage oil spills in Michigan and Arkansas call into question the wisdom of implementing the Keystone XL.

Fmr. Gov. Bill Richardson (D-NM) and Robert Redford clash with the Navajo nation on the place of horse slaughter in cultures past and in the nation’s future.

Arts & Leisure
Famous for her desert depictions, Georgia O’Keefe also kept some greens on her pallet.

Sunday Business
What happens when tumblr sells for 1.1 billion and the Boston Globe slips away for a fraction of that? New world. New media. New math.

Sunday Review
Maureen Dowd on Obama’s increasingly embroiled positions and Hillary’s parallel rise in absentia.

There is a masochistic luxury to walking through the inhospitable swamp of the Florida Everglades.

Five years later, the US financial system looks disturbingly like it did in pre-recession. Did we waste our economic woe without restructuring a faulty system?

Book Review
The Village, a Novel by Nikita Lalwani, depicts a BBC film crew’s difficulties in capturing the life of an Indian prison village.

best of the sunday times

“An objective rule in the process of modernization is we have to complete the process of urbanization and industrialization.”

~ Li Keqiang (Chinese Prime Minister)

Front Page

As China attempts to accelerate the urbanization of its rural farmers, high costs and pitfalls abound.

As a conservative legislature makes abortion an increasingly difficult option for Texans, Mexico offers a prescription-free abortion pill just across the border.

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friday reading list

“Thursday, the House passed a farm bill that stripped out the food stamp program, breaking a pact that for decades has protected the nutrition needs of low-income Americans. It was the first time since 1973 that food stamps haven’t been part of a farm bill, and it reflected the contempt of the far right for anyone desperate enough to rely on the government for help to buy groceries.”

~ New York Times Editorial

Following the death of a Free Syrian Army commander at the hands of al-Qaeda militants, the FSA has declared war on al-Qaeda.

If pesky drought is getting between you and proper nutrition, Solid Water, a powdered water made in Mexico, may be your solution to hydration without so much water.

As fracking increasingly transforms the Earth’s crust into a jigsaw puzzle, heavily fracked areas now risk increased earthquakes.

House Republicans celebrate subsidizing more food that they can keep out of the hands of poor people.

Live long and suffer? Are we so focused on longevity that we have sacrificed quality of life?

thursday reading list

And the nations were angry, and your wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that you should give reward to your servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear your name, small and great; and should destroy them which destroy the earth.

Revelation 11: 18

Climate change will cause stress and breakdowns in many of the US’s critical energy and defense sectors. Let’s pray that Congress and state legislatures, such as Kentucky’s, can begin taking a more proactive stance on the issue.

As Congress stagnates on the immigration debate, a reminder that people’s lives constantly hang in the balance as the world  turns.

As the world shrinks, Adventurers shift from pure exploration to the pursuit of the extreme.

With and other Silicon Valley-based Political Action groups attempting to take on Washington, techie teens need to realize they’re not politicians.

What sells for $65 per drink and is more difficult to acquire than a Ferari? Pappy Van Winkle (Louisville Magazine, page 66) is rapidly becoming the “unobtainium” of rednecks and red carpet alike.

tuesday reading list


“Every human being, every citizen has the right to request asylum under the declaration of human rights, under inter-American legislation, under our constitution or our law on foreigners. Snowden has the right to request asylum and it’s our country’s sovereign right to grant asylum or not. When the time comes we will decide.”

~ Ecuadorian President Rafael Corea

rebuffs threats from Washington

and Snowden’s pleas for asylum

Just 2 years after gaining independence, South Sudan depends largely on oil exports for sustenance. With reserves running low, it needs to diversify its economy.

With elections slated to happen in 7 months, the Egyptian army picks Finance Minister El-Beblawi as Premier.

Machiavelli says that it is better to be feared than loved, but the rabblerousers at Harvard say “be loved first, then feared.”

Eight years before Seal Team 6, Osama Bin Laden was pulled over for speeding in Pakistan. But those eight years brought us one kick-ass movie!

As the US prepares to leave Afghanistan (possibly with zero troops on the ground), isn’t it time we sat down and talked to the Taliban about our future apart?

best of the sunday times

Front Page
Mired in controversy, the NSA owes its immense power to monitor terrorists, arms dealers, and almost any foreign national from a secret court with an increasingly expansive role in interpreting rights to privacy and surveillance.

No longer stuck in the 1950s, Cubans begin spending to move their lives and economy forward.

Liz Cheney wants to be a senator, but her father’s party is telling this trust fund baby what it has told many spoiled political aspirants for the first time: you’re going to have to wait.

In a suffering economy, all 50 states now have burgeoning vineyards, helping to spur agriculture and tourism.

Arts & Leisure
On the heels of Netflix’s Arrested Development sequel, Michael Cera is taking his baby face to writing and directing.

Sunday Review
The Dalai Lama and many Fortune 500 CEOs do it, but can meditation make practitioners more moral?

The Lincoln Highway is now a patchwork of two-lane highways across the Northern United States, but a cross-country road trip on this old-school path offers a view less seen on a road less travelled.


Book Review

As many around the US and Europe begin to replace their piety with humanism, John Gray  says “No, Sir” in his attack, Silence of the Animals.


Whether you hate the player or the game, Kurt Bardella is winning the game in Washington right now.

friday reading list

“God helps those who help themselves.”

~ Algernon Sydney

(not the Bible or Benjamin Franklin)

Martin Luther King Jr. had Malcolm X and the Dailai Lama has Ashin Wirathu, the charismatic and militant monk.

Whether it’s convenient for President Dilma Rouseff or not, more than one million people in more than eighty cities are protesting in a Brazilian awakening.

While China proves that totalitarianism is an environmentalist’s ideal system by threatening to execute its worst polluters, the United State of Virginia attempting to tax hybrid and electric cars since their owners do not pay their “fair share” of gas taxes.

Is the depthless realm of coffee tables and and public shelving the future of books once content has moved online for good? With this future focus on the book’s binding, is the paperback a thing of the past?

Close on the heels of rising televangelism came the “prosperity gospel.” BBC4 and Andrew Brown discuss the Christian antithesis posing as the church.