“I don’t want to compare this to the civil-rights movement,” an Alabama man told National Journal‘s Ben Terris earlier this year, “but there is a parallel there.” And now, that arc of history has finally bent fully toward justice: After years of painful battles, home-brewing your own beer is legal in every state in America.

~ National Journal

It ain’t easy being John Boehner.

Though Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood have cracked down on Egyptian Identity, it is unlikely that we’ll see another revolution.

Just like those payments to the 1% (more than twice the % of the US population who are actually farmers) in the US, European farm subsidies are blatant payouts to the wealthy.

Thursday should be the new Friday. The four-day workweek is more enjoyable and more productive.

In case (for some ridiculous reason) you forgot, the New York Times thinks that the Civil War still matters.


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“I tend to think the idea of fair and balanced is amiss – you never achieve that – but there’s something beautiful about putting your future in the hands of people, of normal citizens.”

~ Ben Montgomery of the Tampa Bay Times

on the jury selection in the George Zimmerman case

While millions protest in Egypt’s streets, demanding the ouster of the ruling Muslim Brotherhood, we ask who would better articulate solutions to the country’s now chronic issues?

Continuing the political and humanitarian crises in Kashmir, both a policeman and a rebel were killed yesterday in the most recent clash.

Before the word ‘conservative’ ceases to have meaning, the modern right should take a look at Edmund Burke and the originators of conservative thought.

Adding to the long list of health care woes, it now appears that the US method of childbirth is the most expensive (yet not the most effective) method in the world.

You may have heard about Rick Rubin bringing Kanye’s Yeezus to minimalist roots, but you may not have realized that he has been in your ears for most of your life.

With Everest now containing everything but an escalator to bring climbers to its peak, it is little wonder that climbers have a reinvigorated obsession with Alaska’s Denali.