Git ready for the 2013 Fancy Farm picnic!

It’s time to air out your seersucker and get ready for this year’s Fancy Farm picnic! This will not be one to miss as the official line-up of speakers is more star-studded and vitriolic than we have seen in several years.

Events begin as early as Thursday and go on through Saturday evening. All day on Saturday, political temperatures will be running high, as well as the cholesterol from the 19,500 pounds of BBQ.

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“It is time to bring Mitch McConnell home. You know, after 30 years of obstruction and 30 years of do-nothing in the United States Senate, we need somebody up there that is going to represent Kentucky.”

~ Gov. Steve Beshear (D-KY)

The world’s top carbon polluters have accidentally decreased emissions to save money. The market has spoken.

After failing miserably thus far to appear either moral or powerful in Syria, maybe the US should take some tips from the Russians.

Rappers spit like the have a lot more in the bank than they do. The Young Money of Nikki Minaj and Lil Wayne doesn’t stand up to the Old Money of Jay Z, Diddy, or Dre.

Did Amanda Bynes really throw that bong out the window? You’ll have to wait until September to know for sure.

Louisville son, Matthew Barzun, has officially been named US ambassador to Great Britain.