thursday reading list

“In archaeology you uncover the unknown. In diplomacy you cover the known.”

~ Thomas Pickering

Looking for a friend? You better find one quick before loneliness leads to your death.

Indian-produced drugs are the libertarian’s wet dream. They’re cheap. They’re unregulated. They’re being recalled due to bad ingredients, poor oversight, and criminal fraud.

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto is so quick, it’s amazing he’s not already in the United States. But some hard-headed obstructionism from the old fogies in his party (the PRI) could threaten to undo his administration’s progressive streak.

You know what people in Gaza need most? KFC. How hours-old fried chicken from Egypt is in demand in the Gaza Strip.

In this EPIC long-form piece from SB Nation, Costa Rica’s killer bull has taken 17 lives, but the families of the victims just want to ride him.

Yesterday, I linked to an opinion piece on austerity being necessary for reform. Today, Quartz has come back with why it isn’t.


the bluegrass state: gettin’ lucky in Guntucky



For all you avid CMT watchers out there (don’t be ashamed), there’s a new high-brow reality TV show to get hooked on: Guntucky.

Yes, Guntucky. From the people who brought you classy shows such as “Pawn Stars” comes the Sumner family of West Point, KY. These owners of the Knob Creek Gun Range put their lives on display for 10 episodes.

The family owned Knob Creek Range allows customers to try, buy, sell, and pawn a whole slew of legal firearms, from collectible muskets to nearly immovable cannons. The series hinges around Grandpa Biff Sumner Jr. and his son, Kenny. Together with Kenny’s siblings and kids, these gun range owners manage to find a little trouble to get into each and every episode. Simply stunning.

The show doesn’t premiere until Sunday but, as you might imagine, sarcastic comments have already become fierce. They range from “Is this where the Doomsday preppers live? Lol” to “The terrible food at KFC doesn’t embarrass Kentuckians enough?” Luckily for Kentuckians, conversations generally devolve into debates on gun rights or the quality of the side dishes at KFC.

“Guntucky” premieres on CMT at 9:30PM EST on Sunday. It might be a good time to grab your wife, kids, and your most intimate firearms for a little quality time.