friday reading list

“Thursday, the House passed a farm bill that stripped out the food stamp program, breaking a pact that for decades has protected the nutrition needs of low-income Americans. It was the first time since 1973 that food stamps haven’t been part of a farm bill, and it reflected the contempt of the far right for anyone desperate enough to rely on the government for help to buy groceries.”

~ New York Times Editorial

Following the death of a Free Syrian Army commander at the hands of al-Qaeda militants, the FSA has declared war on al-Qaeda.

If pesky drought is getting between you and proper nutrition, Solid Water, a powdered water made in Mexico, may be your solution to hydration without so much water.

As fracking increasingly transforms the Earth’s crust into a jigsaw puzzle, heavily fracked areas now risk increased earthquakes.

House Republicans celebrate subsidizing more food that they can keep out of the hands of poor people.

Live long and suffer? Are we so focused on longevity that we have sacrificed quality of life?


monday reading list

“The best way to compile inaccurate information that no one wants is to make it up.”

~ Scott Adams

Yahoo is expected to make a $1.1 billion cash bid on Tumblr, hoping to monetize the site. This begs the question of what they are going to do with all of the porn.

RyanAir is awesome for customers and making a fortune, but it sucks to work there.

The Space Age didn’t die with NASA, but the age of space tourism is being born right now with the likes of SpaceX and Virgin Galactic.

What do accomplished writers and victorious armies have in common? Syphilis. Does the disease make the man or does the man simply make poor decisions?

Fracking has recently undercut coal as the cheapest form of energy in the United States. It’s also cleaner, for now. But what do we know about fracking and the chemicals that make it work? Almost nothing.