friday reading list


Ohio State president, Mormon, and fecal sculpture, Gordon Gee, manages to insult, Notre Dame, Louisville, Kentucky, and the whole of the SEC all in one fell swoop. Gee violated the Mormons’ strict no sodomy policy when Rick Pitino put him on the receiving end.

After the recently successful drone strike in Pakistan, killing the number-two in the Pakistani Taliban, they have decided not to continue peace talks with Nawaz Sharif.

After losing out on the Communist Party elite for decades, Mao’s Red Flag luxury car is attempting to beat out Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz with these socialist movers and shakers both in China and abroad.

People of arts and letters have long kept their eyes fixed on the grasslands, forests, and mountains. Now it’s time for the humanities to take to the seas.

Despite Mitch’s freezing cold approval rating and Grimes’ negligible name recognition, the two are essentially tied in a Kentucky Senate poll.


wednesday reading list

“I have decided next year I will not seek a fifth Congressional term

~ Rep. Michele Bachmann

Before al-Qaeda could pop their non-alcoholic champagne to celebrate the end of US drone strikes, the US resumed drone strikes in Pakistan with a lethal attack.

Wasted, lost, or victorious, Argentina’s decade under Kirchner rule shows the trend of Clinton or Bush-like dynasties in democracies around the world.

Rational people believe in conspiracy theories but can’t acknowledge that Jesus buried the dinosaur bones 5,000 years ago to trick the weakest believers.

Love literature? Major in something else. Need to learn a second language? Learn computer coding instead. Education is not about following your dreams.

That frightful day is approaching when we will pine for the reasonable administration of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

friday reading list

“Somebody has to do something, and it’s just incredibly pathetic that it has to be us.”

~ Jerry Garcia

In case you didn’t have time to watch Obama’s hour-long speech (video) on the changing War on Terror, best to check out the NYTimes’ coverage of the main points and the Code Pink interruption (video).

According to Russia, Assad has agreed to take part in peace talks with rebels and Russia may withdraw support for the human rights abuse addict.

Sure, it may give us real news in a refreshingly “treats us like adults” way, but isn’t Al Jazeera just the Qatari government trying to get our guard down?

Despite a nuclear threat from a psychotic child savior to its north, South Korea has taken the time to create the world’s most rigorous carbon market. What’s our excuse?

Feeling blue? Treat yourself to some found poetry from the Google search box.