thursday reading list

I was brought up to believe that Scotch whisky would need a tax preference to survive in competition with Kentucky bourbon.

                                                       ~ Hugo Black

Happy almost-Oaks. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out this Times piece from last year’s Oaks.

Moving on to the Derby. Michael Lindenberger of Roads & Kingdoms has outdone himself with an amazing long-read on booze-hound Bill Faulkner and the Kentucky Derby. And here is Faulkner’s piece for SI (it’s short). Here’s Hunter S. Thompson’s piece [PDF].

There’s a new bourbon out there just in time for the festivities. Check out Forbes’ Derby-themed review to see if its worth a couple of dollars above the Early Times.

Mr. President, do I detect a hint of tequila and lime on your breath? President Obama is heading to Mexico today and Quartz has everything you could want to know about his trade mission to pre-empt immigration reform.

Ever wanted to be a Williamsburg hipster? To laugh at picture of them? The New York Times has written an article and made a slideshow to help you out.

Sarah Stillman of the New Yorker gives us a glimpse at Bangladesh’s teen garment workers who risk their lives to bring us shitty Wal-Mart clothing.

Dana Milbank of the Washington Post and Gail Collins of the New York Times poke a little fun at Mark Sanford’s ridiculous and rapidly-fading belief that he could be elected to public office once again.


track talk: the mint julep

The mint julep is the gatorade for the cultured, cigar smoking, hat-wearing, mustachioed people who run our world. Think 90-year-old Big Tobacco executives, Haley Barbour or Michelle Obama.

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