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“Change is the process by which the future invades our lives.”

Alvin Toffler

It was tough to see how the bloody Syrian Civil War could have gotten any worse but, with Russia providing Bashar al-Assad with a batch of advanced anti-ship cruise missiles, it just got a lot worse.

There’s more jobs, more hours, better pay, and even some lower costs here in America. Here are 7 charts from Quartz on why Americans can handle a payroll tax hike.

With a bleak outlook for Pakistan’s elections, take the refreshing Shezan mango drink’s view of Pakistani politics.

Your uncle graduated from high school and he’s not taking sh-t from anyone. Here are a few one-liners from ClimateProgress on talking climate change with him.

A group of female morticians are taking the public education approach to fixing America’s unhealthy detachment from death and mortality.


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Did you forget it was Earth Day? Here’s some news from Earth.

David Herszenhorn of the Times attempts to further bring the life of Tamerlan Tsarnaev into perspective, recounting his troubled, but never militant, life as a youth without a country.

Two things that you probably never associated before: Rupert Murdoch and transcendental meditation. Murdoch joins Russell Simmons, hedge fund managers, and the CEO of Tupperware in the league of business leaders who take part in the practice.

Ana Campoy of the Wall Street Journal discusses Big Marijuana’s stunted growth. Take a walk in the shoes of everyone’s favorite tax-paying semi-criminals.

Mother Jones has published a chart showing that generational views on gay marriage and willingness to try sushi correlate almost perfectly. While correlation does not imply causation, it does not deny it either.

In honor of Earth Day, The Christian Science Monitor has provided us earthlings a report card for how we’re faring on combatting Global Climate change.

friday reading list.

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This is your next step to becoming a gentleman and a scholar.

If you haven’t been in a cave for the last 24 hours then you’ve already read it, but this insanely profane email from Maryland’s Delta Gamma Chapter head.

Among the Paris Reviews recent interviews with some of the world’s greatest writers is this incredible discussion with Ray Bradbury on the art of writing and creating his fiction.

On SB Nation, sportswriter and Around the Horn panelist Tim Cowlishaw recounts the story of his  infamous DUI from July 2007 and his struggle with alcoholism.

Jim Breyer and Nikki Burch of Grist have created an illustrated history of the Keystone XL oil pipeline. Also, now with sound effects.

With the gun control bill dead for now, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Slate and POLITICO all offer their autopsies.

And finally, the New York Times’ coverage on the hunt for the the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing as the city remains on lockdown.