“I don’t want to compare this to the civil-rights movement,” an Alabama man told National Journal‘s Ben Terris earlier this year, “but there is a parallel there.” And now, that arc of history has finally bent fully toward justice: After years of painful battles, home-brewing your own beer is legal in every state in America.

~ National Journal

It ain’t easy being John Boehner.

Though Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood have cracked down on Egyptian Identity, it is unlikely that we’ll see another revolution.

Just like those payments to the 1% (more than twice the % of the US population who are actually farmers) in the US, European farm subsidies are blatant payouts to the wealthy.

Thursday should be the new Friday. The four-day workweek is more enjoyable and more productive.

In case (for some ridiculous reason) you forgot, the New York Times thinks that the Civil War still matters.


wednesday reading list

“If you don’t have anything profound to say, don’t say anything at all.”

~ Future Twitter Prompt

You probably saw his interview on the Daily Show. With threats from the Morsi government now just part of his life, Bassem Youssef has become the most important man in Egypt.

Are America and Russia in a war to out-embarrass each other’s spy agencies, or has anti-Americanism in Russia brought the metaphorical public beating back into style.

Can 3D printing with nutrient-based ink help us print our own meals, give us pizza on Mars, and feed the world?  Define feed.

Months after Inside Climate News won the Pulitzer Prize for covering the Dilbit (Canadian tar sand sludge) spill in the Kalamazoo River, ICN now asks why data on the spill is rapidly disappearing from the EPA’s website.

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best of the sunday times

Front Page
Get to know Pakistan’s current political and economic situation through the state of its railroads.

Hong Kong’s bookstores thrive as Chinese nationals buy mountains of exposés and dirt on the Chinese political elite.

Sunday Review
Thomas Friedman on drought, climate change, and the Syrian Civil War.

A case for getting away from the city and deep into the heart of nowhere.

Book Review
Ellen Ullman reviews Evgeny Morozov’s tirade against technology and internet centrists who believe that the internet is the answer to an imperfect humanity.

wednesday reading list


“If you can’t articulate ideas and if you can’t articulate critiques of other peoples’ ideas, then you’re powerless.”

                                                              ~ Salman Rushdie

Salman Rushdie, who recently wrote an Op-Ed for the New York Times lamenting the dearth of courageous politicians and activists today, has done an interview. In the LA Review of Books, Rushdie muses on what it’s like to be a persecuted (fatwahed) artist and people only wanting to talk to you about your art and your balls.

Hezbollah’s official entry into the Syrian Civil War could mean an even longer and bloodier conflict. But for some good news, the Atlantic reports that the US boasts a full third of the world’s brightest students.

In the wake of his hunger strike, Guantanamo inmate, Mohamedou Ould Slahi, is having his 466-page memoirs declassified. Sections are now available from Slate.

As millennials begin to take low-paying internet media jobs, we have begun narcissistically lamenting out own fate (and trumpeting our resiliency).

And finally, colleges nationwide are choosing an inopportune time to begin fighting the illicit use of ADHD drugs such as Adderall and Vyvanse.

following the bloodbath of the syrian civil war

We have become so accustomed to watching genocides unfold before our eyes that sometimes we forget, or find ourselves unable, to take notice. This post is to help those people who just need a little help in following the carnage so that, insha’Allah, we never have to see death on this scale again. The odds are against us.

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tuesday reading list

“When a thing ceases to be a subject of controversy, it ceases to be a subject of interest.”

                                             ~ William Hazlitt

As the Syrian Civil War sinks deeper into the bloody quagmire realm, cooler heads are finding it difficult to prevail. The Times Editorial staff offer some advice to Obama and the rest of us on proceeding with prudence.

After the Jets dropped Tim Tebow, no other NFL team would touch him. Now, he’s got an offer from the Lingerie Football League.

Any good DCite has been eyeing the Foreign Service exam since they were in the womb. For those who aren’t sure what a Foreign Service job entails, The Art of Manliness offers this interview with a real soldier from the Diplomatic Corps. 

Leaving the jokes to her brother, Elizabeth Colbert Busch was at Mark Sanford’s throat in her first debate. Her accusation, “You didn’t tell the truth,” litters the headlines today as she referred to his failure to protect the Port of Charleston or be honest in his personal life.

In the world of big, public universities with big football and basketball teams, a few dedicated youths are attempting to build a professional ultimate frisbee league from the ground up.

With the death by Climate Change looming ever larger, American Progress has come out with a report detailing some of the political, technological, and business alterations needed to keep the planet (ideally) inhabitable. Climate Progress provides us with the highlights.