tuesday reading list


“The prime purpose of eloquence is to keep other people from talking.”

~ Louis Vermeil

Guns and gun deaths play a big role in urban violence, suicide, the Drug War, civil conflicts in Sub-Saharan Africa, and more… but do gun makers care at all?

Suicide now takes more lives than heart disease. Who is likely to commit suicide and why can’t we stop killing ourselves?

Your job may suck, but at least you’re not a tosher, London’s sewage scavengers who sold salvaged waste for money.

You can choose to hate the classics like the Great Gatsby, but no one is going to take you seriously.

We may complain about the NBA blocking some trades and allowing others, but in Eastern Europe basketball means crooked leagues, poor play, and poisonous fireworks being set off inside stadiums.


thursday reading list.

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Made from the finest the internet has to offer.

Chris Wallace of the Paris Review on Christopher Wallace’s (aka Biggie) construction and maintenance of his character. Wallace the writer then interweaves his own story with that of Biggie’s Wallace and hip hop in general to create a chronicle of self-mythology and identity crisis.

Chris Heath of GQ gets a fairly rare glimpse inside the life (and house!) of Robert Downey Jr. The interview covers everything from flopped movies to bestiality to his even brighter future ahead.

Jill Lepore at the New Yorker discusses the troubling gun violence that plagues our nation at present and our inability to stop the bleeding.

SB Nation releases some obscenely early rankings for next year’s NCAA Basketball season. Kentucky should be spooked after this year at being ranked #1 for 2013-14. 

Ryan Koronowski of Climate Progress discusses the State Department’s Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement, its woeful neglect of Keystone XL’s climate impact, and John Kerry’s odd refusal to be involved in the conversation.