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“With Larry, my wife always says that it’s hard to be happy if you want to have the most money because you’ll never have the most money. He’s kind of been going about his life just on the basis of ‘who knows what’s going to come next?’ and just sort of maximizing his experiences, given the opportunities in front of him.”

~ Jeremy I. Bulow,

economics professor at Stanford,

friend and co-author of academic

papers with Larry Summers

Front Page
Larry Summers‘ tireless pursuit of wealth and influence, his Wall Street ties, and his general depth of both knowledge and experience are both an asset and a liability.

The Andean Yawar Fiesta, or Blood Festival, sees the tying of a angry condor to the back of an enraged bull.

Two high-profile, high-damage oil spills in Michigan and Arkansas call into question the wisdom of implementing the Keystone XL.

Fmr. Gov. Bill Richardson (D-NM) and Robert Redford clash with the Navajo nation on the place of horse slaughter in cultures past and in the nation’s future.

Arts & Leisure
Famous for her desert depictions, Georgia O’Keefe also kept some greens on her pallet.

Sunday Business
What happens when tumblr sells for 1.1 billion and the Boston Globe slips away for a fraction of that? New world. New media. New math.

Sunday Review
Maureen Dowd on Obama’s increasingly embroiled positions and Hillary’s parallel rise in absentia.

There is a masochistic luxury to walking through the inhospitable swamp of the Florida Everglades.

Five years later, the US financial system looks disturbingly like it did in pre-recession. Did we waste our economic woe without restructuring a faulty system?

Book Review
The Village, a Novel by Nikita Lalwani, depicts a BBC film crew’s difficulties in capturing the life of an Indian prison village.