in the mash

pray for bourbon is a blog like and unlike many others.

It touches on nearly all themes. politics. art. life. religion. booze. books. news. ideas. the environment. bourbon. immigration. guns. buddha. writing. china. you name it.

the reading list

the reading list

a daily look at what’s good from the writing on the web. I try to combine a search for good writing with pertinent current events and something a little bit longer than a tweet.

soul food

soul food 

not all of us feel comfortable in a church anymore. This section is for us. A brief sermonette each Sunday, where I generally pick a scripture from the Disciples of Christ Lectionary. I have not been to seminary. That’s something you should have already picked up on.

Lit Cigar resting on Glass of Whiskey and Ice cubes

pick your poison 

a weekly look at what’s good in the world of vice. I’ll try to look at cigars, bars, libations, adventures and, of course, bourbon.

derby city

derby city 

anything and everything about louisville, kentucky.

bluegrass state

the bluegrass state 

news and views from kentucky, in all of its glory.


lessons for gentlemen 

becoming a gentleman is not something that happens overnight. it comes from following these lessons.


the infobahn 

the internet is not a truck that you can just dump stuff into, it’s not even a series of tubes, it’s a superhighway. duh.

bluegrass breakdown 2014

bluegrass breakdown 2014 

some selective coverage of what is sure to be an entertaining set of political races in 2014.

chow wagon

the chow wagon 

if you have a phone, you have a food blog. this is ours.



more than you needed to see or hear on bluegrass and country music. you’re welcome.


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