best of the sunday times

“An objective rule in the process of modernization is we have to complete the process of urbanization and industrialization.”

~ Li Keqiang (Chinese Prime Minister)

Front Page

As China attempts to accelerate the urbanization of its rural farmers, high costs and pitfalls abound.

As a conservative legislature makes abortion an increasingly difficult option for Texans, Mexico offers a prescription-free abortion pill just across the border.

Arts & Leisure

Parks & Recreation’s Aubrey Plaza is taking her angsty, deadpan brand of comedy to the big screen and beyond.

Sunday Review

Appalachian author, Silas House, discusses the role of characters in fiction in shaping our relation with fiction and how we live our lives.

Sunday Business

Instead of drowning in unaccomplished tasks, begin making concrete and attainable goals to accomplish each day, week, and year and begin to dominate your to-do list.


Ditch the plane and the four-lane highways. Become a traveler rather than a tourist and begin to truly discover America. A Conversation Between Philip Caputo and William Least Heat-Moon.

Book Review

Lisa Schwarzbaum reviews Brett Martin’s Difficult Men on the golden age of the antihero in television drama.


With mounting casualties nationwide, destroyed families, and a police force debating its next move, what would it take to create peace between the Bloods and the Crips.


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