wednesday reading list

“If you don’t have anything profound to say, don’t say anything at all.”

~ Future Twitter Prompt

You probably saw his interview on the Daily Show. With threats from the Morsi government now just part of his life, Bassem Youssef has become the most important man in Egypt.

Are America and Russia in a war to out-embarrass each other’s spy agencies, or has anti-Americanism in Russia brought the metaphorical public beating back into style.

Can 3D printing with nutrient-based ink help us print our own meals, give us pizza on Mars, and feed the world?  Define feed.

Months after Inside Climate News won the Pulitzer Prize for covering the Dilbit (Canadian tar sand sludge) spill in the Kalamazoo River, ICN now asks why data on the spill is rapidly disappearing from the EPA’s website.

Profitability and the US Pharmaceutical industry decide which the diseases that we cure and treat and which ones we don’t. How US drug companies are keeping medicines out of reach for much of the developing world.

With the Department of Justice spying on the AP, Murtaza Hussain looks at the rapidly growing and increasingly unchecked intrusions from the US security apparatus.

Irritation drips from the jowls of the Weekly Standard in this piece on the 14th Annual White Privilege Conference outside Seattle, Washington. White people are just hogging all the money.

Wettergespräche, or weather-talk, is the king of small talk and of boring interactions. Save yourself with some delving into the art and history of small talk and the erosion of big talk.

Before there was Hillary Clinton there was Anna Dickinson. This Quaker youth and fiery orator made her first speaking tour around New England in her early teens, advocating for abolition and Republican candidates.


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