tuesday reading list

“When a thing ceases to be a subject of controversy, it ceases to be a subject of interest.”

                                             ~ William Hazlitt

As the Syrian Civil War sinks deeper into the bloody quagmire realm, cooler heads are finding it difficult to prevail. The Times Editorial staff offer some advice to Obama and the rest of us on proceeding with prudence.

After the Jets dropped Tim Tebow, no other NFL team would touch him. Now, he’s got an offer from the Lingerie Football League.

Any good DCite has been eyeing the Foreign Service exam since they were in the womb. For those who aren’t sure what a Foreign Service job entails, The Art of Manliness offers this interview with a real soldier from the Diplomatic Corps. 

Leaving the jokes to her brother, Elizabeth Colbert Busch was at Mark Sanford’s throat in her first debate. Her accusation, “You didn’t tell the truth,” litters the headlines today as she referred to his failure to protect the Port of Charleston or be honest in his personal life.

In the world of big, public universities with big football and basketball teams, a few dedicated youths are attempting to build a professional ultimate frisbee league from the ground up.

With the death by Climate Change looming ever larger, American Progress has come out with a report detailing some of the political, technological, and business alterations needed to keep the planet (ideally) inhabitable. Climate Progress provides us with the highlights.


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