following the bloodbath of the syrian civil war

We have become so accustomed to watching genocides unfold before our eyes that sometimes we forget, or find ourselves unable, to take notice. This post is to help those people who just need a little help in following the carnage so that, insha’Allah, we never have to see death on this scale again. The odds are against us.

The Syrian Civil War began over two years ago, in the form of peaceful protests, during the heat of the Arab Spring in North Africa. If you didn’t know that, check out ThinkProgress or Wikipedia for an overview of the conflict.

The state parties in the conflict is complicated. There are a whole slew of opposition groups (also, AlJazeera and ForeignPolicy), who work in different ways to unseat Assad. Among these groups are:

The opposition forces currently enjoy support from the US, Western Europe, Turkey, and the Gulf States.

There is also Bashar al-Assad and his Alawite Shia governing sect who are attempting to stay in power. Assad is currently enjoying support from Iran, China, and Russia.

The ethnic and religious situation in Syria is complicated, like most of the Middle East. Syria’s population is primarily made up of:

Usually, an uprising like this would have subsided, been crushed, or been successful at this point. But with between 70 and 100 thousand dead, the Syrian Civil War still rages strong. The longevity of this bloody conflict is primarily due to the proxy war between the foreign allies of each side and, unless one side make a strong push, the end does not appear to be in site.

Reports from the last week have indicated that one side, presumably Assad’s, has utilized chemical weapons. Obama has referred to such action as a “red line” and a “game changer” as far as triggering further US involvement, but he has continued to waffle on the subject. This may be due to more recent reports that foreigners were the source of the chemical weapons supposedly used.

For further news on the Syrian Civil War, visit:


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