30 Things You Will Definitely Miss About College

Thought Catalog

1) Unbridled access to food. Dorm food, sure, but also “Campus Dollars,” or whatever your school calls them, that can be used as actual cash all around town.

2) Dorm parties. Maybe you didn’t miss them at the time, and maybe you don’t miss them now, but you still have fond memories of all the liquids and substances and illicit activities you participated in.

3) Library hook ups! The lower PQ section is the best. Nobody’s reading Medieval French literature, so you’ll be alllll in the clear (in case you want to try it out before you graduate).

4) The feeling of accomplishment and pride when you got invited to join a frat, a sorority or a society.

5) Student discounts. Not just on campus but student discounts at the movies, student discounts on plane tickets, student discounts at TOPSHOP. Hang on to those Student IDs, everyone!

6) Putting Nutella…

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