thursday reading list

A cerebral smorgasbord.

If there’s one thing the US hates more than mass-murdering, democracy hating dictators, it’s Islamists. The New York Times reports on Bashar al-Assad’s campaign to bring the US over to his side on the Syrian Civil War.

Jay-Z is planning on expanding his cool sports empire to hockey. His first step, it seems is to draft Seth Jones, an African-American and, that’s right, the hottest new prospect in the NHL.

Sometimes laws are enforced. In a major win to a long-fought battle with MTR mining, the EPA has, once again, been upheld in its authority to enforce the Clean Water Act.

With an aging America, could trailer parks be the sustainable way to house everyone in relative comfort? Lisa Margonelli of the Pacific Standard says it is, then she tells us which way the ternader came from.

Possibly the world’s most measured voice on religion, The Guardian‘s Andrew Brown discusses religion’s increased link with radical violence.


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