the infobahn: twitter + music = chirps?



It was only a matter of time before the website that reduced our dialogue to 140 characters would incorporate its extreme ADHD into how we listen to music. Enter Twitter #music, the new “music” service from the people who brought you the Arab Spring.

Rather than a new music service #music is actually an aggregate of what is already out there, drawing on Rdio, Spotify, and iTunes. The clips that you are permitted to listen to on the website itself are the 30-second previews provided by iTunes, while the full song is available through a link to open Spotify.

twitter #music


Rather than a music player, #music is a music discovery mechanism. “It helps you find music that’s popular on Twitter and music based on the bands you follow,” explains ABC’s Joanna Stern. That “discovery” happens  through four tabs: #NowPlaying, Suggested, Popular and Emerging.

#NowPlaying –  music that artists or people you follow on Twitter have tweeted out

Suggested – artists you might like based on the bands you follow and who they follow

Popular – music that’s trending across Twitter (aka just another pop chart like iTunes or Youtube’s Top 100)

Emerging – “hidden talent found in tweets”—it’s not quite clear what exactly that means, but presumably it would be songs from lesser-known artists who have begun to rapidly accrue shares and retweets.

So here’s the addictive part: the more you use it, the better it works. If you follow more and better people, your results and recommendations will increasingly become tailored to your needs. Much like Twitter can be cultivated into one-stop shopping for zero-depth news stories, #music can begin to aggregate all of the information that you used to get from friends, family, artists, music blogs, etc.

Despite its many shortcomings and many kinks still left in its platform, there is little doubt that #music will grow with Vine to become part of the Twitter powerhouse. If they could extend the previews to a full minute, there is some definite potential for never-ending power-hour playlists on the horizon.

So refill your Adderall prescription and get to chirping.


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