tuesday reading list.

girl reading newspaper at bar

Some of the best and overlooked pieces on the web today.

The Chinese Solyndra ~ The Atlantic’s Quartz writer, Todd Woody, illustrates the difficulties for a solar industry giant, even in China’s economy.

Not Just Another Game ~ A long form piece from SB Nation highlights the 1980 soccer match that made US v. Mexico a rivalry.

Three ways you should never start an online comment ~ Some generally good advice from our friends at The Art of Manliness

Immigration reform can lead to a stronger environmental movement ~ 9 out of 10 Hispanics love the environment more than you do. Why? probably because their only memories of it aren’t from photos. If immigration reform passes, Hispanics could make a strong contingent in the big green movement.

Drafting college football coaches ~ What if UK could steal Urban Meyer from Ohio State? The prospects for recruiting coaches who are actively coaching.

Deep thoughts on deep thoughts ~ This Times Magazine piece covers the (recent) history of poet and humorist Jack Handley, who is unknown to most people born before 1990, but whose poetic humor still appears to influence our tastes today.


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