best of the reading list: entertaining.

dinner party

Five tales of our struggle to bring culture from its death bed.

Dana Goodyear of the New Yorker discusses the hipster, yuppie, foodie, yet still awesome, allure of the secret supper club.

In the New English Review, G. Murphy Donovan laments the downfall of the modern family to junk food and technological distraction. The only hope, it seems, comes from the traditions that can be shared through food preparation and kitchen culture.

Jason Wilson from Drexel University’s The Smart Set tells us about when wine talk gets weird. That’s the point. Like any other obsessions, wine becomes strange when you delve into minutia.

Since everyone stopped knowing who Emily Post was, our culture has been in a free fall. The Times‘ Guy Trebay discusses an unfortunate casualty in this fall from grace: the downfall of the dinner party.

To bring you up from the dinner party’s demise, Erica Scales of South Magazine recounts how entertaining is still alive and well in the south. Not only that, it’s an art form.


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