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Reading List: August 20, 2013

Along the world’s longest border, China and India are still deciding where the border truly lies. But in this game of chicken, an uneasy peace.

The US Post Office says you haven’t received a handwritten letter in seven weeks. If you showed other people you loved them in real life as well as the internet, maybe they’d return the favor.

The Prime Minister he deposed and the judges he attempted to dismiss are now making Pakistan’s Pervez Musharraf the first-ever military official to be arraigned.

Former Chinese Communist Party official, Bo Xi Lai, is to go on trial next week. His son, Bo Guagua went to the New York Times to appeal to his homeland.

Are you pissed that the Obama administration has not cut aid to the Egyptian army? It turns out they did.

After 60 years of lying and anti-Americanism in Iran, the CIA finally admits what everyone else has admitted already: the CIA was responsible for the 1953 coup that ousted the democratically-elected, centrist leader, Mohammed Mossadegh.

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